Yoreal Ceramics
Company Profile

Youlaiya is a heavyweight masterpiece of Foshan Daogao Building Materials Co., Ltd. in 2012. As an honorary brand of Daogao Building Materials, we have established the goal of Gaoyuan's development and the direction of high-end quality products since its establishment.

The term 'Youlaiya' comes from the meaning of 'transcendence'. With the concept of 'transcending all possibilities' and inspired by the art and will of Mount Everest, Youlaiya Ceramics follows the path of' ecological boutique '. Intended to cross the pinnacle of ceramic art. Inheriting innovation and surpassing infinity as an extension of the meaning of the "Youlaiya" brand, is not only a manifestation of the pursuit of environmental protection and high-quality artistic personality, but also a strong proof of the determination of Youlaiya people to forge ahead and achieve world ceramic art. Perfect interpretation of the "all possibilities" of "ecology may replicate, technology surpasses higher, and taste reaches the highest".

Creation is the driving force for progress, and transcendence is the direction of persistence. If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools. Youlaiya Ceramics currently has a large factory building of 53000 square meters, a brand image exhibition hall of over 1800 square meters, and has purchased multiple production lines with polished brick systems. The company implements an international management model, focuses on environmental protection, continuously cultivates its core competitiveness, and maintains sustainable and healthy development. Its comprehensive strength is at a higher level in the same industry in China. The company has gained widespread recognition in the market by investing in capital, knowledge, talent, technology, and information resources.

The company will adhere to the business philosophy of "providing a stage, achieving talent, and jointly creating a career", create a good corporate culture atmosphere, establish a learning organization, and create a cohesive team. At the same time, we will vigorously develop and cultivate the company's product brand to improve the layout of Daogao Building Materials Industry, enrich the product line of Youlaiya Ceramics, and consolidate and enhance the competitive position of Youlaiya Ceramics in the building decoration material market.

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